The IFPDC – Influencing Change For The Better

Since its formation the IFPDC has changed the face of postgraduate education and training in primary dental care in Ireland. We have directly provided educational courses and worked with other bodies to ensure that postgraduate training and examinations are relevant to daily practice. We have remained loyal to our raison d’etre to raise the standards for generalists and provide an achievable continuing professional development pathway in line with structures in other caring professions at primary care level. Primary care practitioners constitute the vast majority of dentists in Ireland and the development of these new structures is vital to quality patient care. We introduced the concept of modular training in the key skills of infection prevention, radiation safety, medical emergencies, health and safety, etc., and are pleased to note that this delivery format continues to be used by many providers. We have been involved in the provision of direct clinical skills tuition via hands-on and relevant courses in areas such as composites, paediatric dentistry, oral surgery and implant dentistry, and have other similar courses in development.   We believe that the present training being offered to primary care dentists can be better co-ordinated and provided more efficiently. We have been involved with the FOD, RCSI in the development of the Diploma in Primary Care Dentistry and in ensuring that this examination is relevant to primary care dentistry. Members of the IFPDC are involved in curriculum development and as examiners for the Diploma and also the Faculty of Dentistry’s MFD examinations. The IFPDC has been working tirelessly with the Dublin Dental University Hospital to formulate new examination structures for a continuing professional development pathway in primary dental care. Arising from this the DDUH commenced delivery of a Masters in Advanced General Dental Practice – Clinical Dentistry (MSc) – in September 2017     We look to the future of primary care dentistry in Ireland with confidence and renewed vigour, encouraged by the enthusiasm of our members for skills enhancement despite the economic pressures we all face in daily practice at present.

Dr Michael O’Sullivan with the inaugural Masters class 2017 on induction day in the DDUH