Review of recent Orthodontics Course : ‘OLD PRINCIPLES MEETS NEW TECHNOLOGIES’.

The Orthodontics Course held on Sat 21st Sept was a very enjoyable day with Dr Paul Dowling reviewing orthodontic treatments and systems. The attendees were a cross section of GDPs, some of who were already providing orthodontic treatment and others with no experience.

Paul opened the session by demonstrating various items of useful kit including the NOLA appliance and the iTero scanner.

He reviewed the principles of orthodontics and post treatment retention.

He stressed the importance of a thorough examination, photos and records before we had an interactive diagnosis and treatment planning session. This was a valuable and informative part of the day, as Paul demonstrated his knowledge and patience!

Paul also gave an overview of consent, treatment risks and the importance of case selection.

He examined the current options offered by short term orthodontic systems and new technologies that are coming on stream.  He stressed that teeth will move, variously affected by pressure and time.