Dr Margaret Tuite demonstrating isolation techniques


Hot Topics and Top Tips in Paediatric Dentistry


The IFPDC was delighted to partner the Irish Division of the European Association of Paediatric Dentistry (EAPD) in organising this Workshop and to avail of the first class expertise the EAPD has to offer. The programme covered common presenting complaints and problems unique to under 12 year olds that present to general practice and HSE clinics.

The workshop format was very well received by all attendees, with excellent evaluation feedback. The morning consisted of a series of presentations on a range of topics relevant to children’s dentistry. In the afternoon attendees participated in table demonstrations which complimented the morning presentations.

Dr Rona Leith demonstrating theĀ  Hall Technique

Sincere thanks are due to the following Paediatric Consultants and Specialists who delivered their chosen topics with great enthusiasm and expertise.

Behaviour management Dr Abigail Moore
Age one dental visit Dr Kirsten FitzGerald
Examination and caries diagnosis Dr Aifric Ni Chaollai
Prevention – Fissure sealants, Fluoride, SDF Dr Eleanor Mc Govern
Hall crown technique and indirect pulp therapy Dr Rona Leith
Working environment Dr Margaret Tuite